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Please Note: We are currently taking orders only through Instagram DMs.

Wear what you believe!

Meet our newest collection that supports children's art education needs :)

Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good!

For every buy, we give a backpack full of art supplies to kids in need.

The impact doesn't stop there - the kids get a royalty every time their artwork gets printed.

Working with NGO partners, we're making a difference in the kids lives. To learn more about the amazing organizations we work with - Click here.

Kids draw the art + You buy a t-shirt

We hand deliver a backpack full of art supplies to kids in need.

The perfect t-shirt...

Fabrics are confusing, we didn't know the difference between woven cotton and combed cotton - But we were sure of one thing...

We wanted it to feel great! Everything else was a by-product. 

On our quest, we found our perfect t-shirt when we met Manuraj, a manufacturer in Tirupur. The only person who agreed to take our request to be sustainable and work with custom blends. 

And then we found our magic proportions.

A blend of cotton and Bamboo fabrics.

Beware of our premium fabric - you will never go back once you experience it.

It feels great!!

Consciously Created

We ensure that all our products are manufactured to be environmentally low-impact,
while also
positively impacting everyone involved in our supply chain.

Organic, toxin-free ingredients

Cotton + Bamboo

Recycled and recyclable packaging

We are Sustainable, period.

Our fabrics are GOTS Certified

Global Organic textile standard


Our target donations for the year 2023

Every purchase makes a difference, help us achieve our mission to change peoples lives.

We are Weaves

Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good!

Our products are made sustainably and ethically, and every purchase supports nonprofits working on the issues you're passionate about.

Plus, our designs are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. :)

We would love to talk, say hi!

17, 2nd Main Rd, Dollar Layout, 3rd Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078, India

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